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    Founded in 2001, Polygraph Investigative Services is Asia's leading private polygraph agency providing a wide spectrum of polygraph services, including polygraph test aka lie detector test, polygraph training and polygraph equipment sales. We provide polygraph test for corporate cases, lawyer referrals for individuals required to go for police polygraph test, relationship issues like infidelity, employee background honesty screening etc. Our polygraph examiners have over 45 years' of experience, serving clients in Singapore and all over the ASIA PACIFIC REGION and Western countries, including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Middle East - United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, India, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Philippines,etc. We conduct polygraph test aka lie detector tests in our office in Singapore as well as in countries where our clients are located. Our professional services are trusted by Singapore Government agencies (See list of Government clients), top legal firms, multinational companies, small businesses and private individuals. All cases are treated with the strictest confidentiality. Our tests are always conclusive with greater than 98% accuracy.

    Its founder and Chief Polygraph Examiner is Mr Koa Fung Chew, PPA, PBS, a retired Superintendent of Police from the Singapore Police Force, an expert in Polygraph Testing and Interviewing with more than 45 years of experience in government and corporate investigations related to criminal, intelligence and security.

    Our office is conveniently located in the city centre in Singapore, about 15 minutes drive from Changi International Airport. There are many hotels and other amenities within walking distance. See Location Map


  • Investigative Polygraph Testing (Lie Detector Test)
  • We provide professional lie detector testing services to employers as an investigative aid to expeditiously solve any type of difficult or complex cases, especially "insider jobs" involving many suspects and offences like theft, fraud, corruption, IT Crimes involving insider help, insider sabotage, leakage of commercial secrets, workplace sexual harassment and other corporate cases. Through a process of in-depth interviewing and polygraph testing, we help you pick out the guilty and exonerate the innocent. We also help companies to solve "dead-end" cases where the police cannot find any evidence to charge anyone. And if the case is unsolved, the culprit will still be around to commit another crime resulting in more losses. Our team of experts can administer more than 90 lie detector tests per week.

  • Polygraph Pre-employment Tests
  • Background checks using interviewing and lie detector testing for pre-employement screening with regard to qualifications, criminal record, undetected crimes and other unsuitable behaviour or attributes. A quick, accurate and cost-effective screening method, it is used by government agencies for sensitive positions and is now available to the private sector.

  • In-service Polygraph Screening of Employees
  • This is a routine lie detector test to screen serving employees to find out whether they have committed serious workplace crimes like theft, fraud, insider cybercrime and data breaches, corruption, leakage of company secrets etc. This type of tests also serve as a strong deterent to would-be offenders.

  • Polygraph Support for Defence Lawyers
  • These lie detector tests are conducted at the request of defence counsels on their clients with the view to making representations to the prosecutors.

  • Relationship And Fidelity Issues
  • This lie detector test is used to determine whether one partner had cheated on the other.

  • Polygraph Consultancy Services
  • We provide polygraph consulting and testing services to local and foreign government law enforcement agencies.

  • Professional Polygraph Training
  • We provide professional APA Accredited Basic Polygraph Course as well as product training for the Lafayette Polygraph System for local and foreign government law enforcement agencies.

  • Psychodynamics of Interviewing and Interrogation Courses
  • Conducted by Supt (Ret) Koa Fung Chew, this 2-day course is designed for Law Enforcement Investigation Officers, Polygraph Examiners and people involved in investigative interviewing. The course objective is to enhance the effectiveness of Law Enforcement Investigators in obtaining confessions and valuable intelligence in the course of their work using proven psychological techniques. This course is also useful for auditors and in-house investigators in the private sector.

  • International Polygraph Equipment (Lie Detector) Sales
  • Polygraph Investigative Services is an authorised dealer of State-of-the-art polygraph aka lie detector equipment and accessories. We provide various training programmes together with the sale of these lie detectors. Increase your effectiveness with our specially designed Lafayette Polygraph Chairs with concealed sensors and wirings.

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Government and Law Enforcement Agencies (See list of Govt clients ) | Multi-national and Government-linked Companies | Electronics Manufacturing Plants | Retail Businesses | Warehouses | Diamond Companies | Guard and Escort Services | Casinos | Defence Lawyers | Millionaires | Private Individuals.

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Worldwide Polygraph Services, including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Pakistan, Singapore, Mexico, Middle East & USA and other Western countries.

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