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Polygraph Training and Development

    Since year 2001, our company has been regularly providing expert polygraph services to countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We provide government as well as private organisations with cutting edge polygraph technology through our consultancy services, training programmes, and sale of polygraph hardware and accessories. We constantly work with local and foreign law enforcement agencies, in-house security managers in private and multi-national companies, international risk management companies, and reputable private investigative agencies etc to develop and /or use state-of-the-art polygraph technology.

Our Team of Trainers

    Our team of trainers consists of polygraph experts who have been in the polygraph field since the days of Leonard Keeler and John E Reid. They are all well qualified with vast polygraph experience in the private sector, government agencies, intelligence outfits, defence and national security agencies and the police. Our training programmes are based on the accumulation of this wealth of practical polygraph and interviewing / interrogation experience. When you receive training with us, you pay for the quality of training and learn from the experience of pioneers with hundreds of thousands of tests under their belt. We do not train you to be a standard Cook Book 'polygraph technician', we train you to be a polygraph artist!

Basic Polygraph Course (12 weeks)

      Our Basic Polygraph Course, conducted by the American Institute of Polygraph Technology and Forensic Psychophysiology, is the most comprehensive polygraph training available consisting of 12 weeks of full-time resident training. The training programme and teaching materials, developed by Polygraph Legends Mr Lynn P Marcy, the late Mr Ronald Decker, and Dr Frank Horvath (a former staff of John E. Reid and Associates now with the US Government), comprises 9 weeks of theoretical as well as hands-on lessons using simulated cases, followed by 3 weeks of practical training using real cases. The topics covered includes scientific foundations of polygraph, physiology, psychology, testing protocols, instrumentation, and interviewing and interrogation techniques. We are able to train students to use any brand of polygraph equipment, including US - made Lafayette Instrument, Stoelting, Axciton, Canadian - made Limestone,etc.
      The course emphasis is on the practical aspects, especially polygraph countermeasures, which Mr Lynn Marcy is internationally regarded as one of the leading experts.

Advanced Polygraph Course and Certification (3 weeks)

      This is a full-time resident 3-week programme conducted by The American Institute of Polygraph Technology and Forensic Psychophysiology with emphasis on practical training using real cases. Towards the end of the course, participants take the polygraph examiner certification examination. This course is intended for those who have successfully completed our basic polygraph course. It is also intended for practising examiners who wished to shorten their learning curve and upgrade their skills because they or their organisations are dissatisfied with their past training. After attending our programmes, many of our graduates have gone on to set up successful government polygraph outfits and polygraph training schools. Detailed course programme is available on request.

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