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    Koa Fung Chew, PPA, PBS, founder and Director of Polygraph Investigative Services, is a retired Superintendent of Police with the Singapore Police Force with more than 45 years of practical experience in interviewing and polygraph testing. While in active service, he held senior positions, including Chief Polygraph Examiner and Head of the specialist Interrogation Unit in the Ministry of Home Affairs where he dealt with important criminal cases, terrorism, espionage, internal investigations, personnel screening etc. He had also served as the Head of the Technical Division.

     A certified polygraph examiner and polygraph instructor, he was the first Singaporean to be trained in the polygraph. He received his polygraph training in 1977 at the American Institute of Polygraph Technology and Forensic Psychophysiology at Michigan, USA and the Israel Polygraph Institute. He had subsequently served as a government polygraph consultant for many years.

    Since 1974 till now, Supt (Ret) Koa has also trained more than a thousand local as well as foreign law enforcement officers in the art of interrogation and interviewing. (See details and list of prominent Government clients).

    Always results-driven, Supt (Ret) Koa has helped government agencies as well as private sector organisations crack many important high profile cases with his interviewing and polygraph skills. He travels overseas frequently to help government agencies, multi-national corporations, top legal firms, millionaires, and ordinary private individuals to solve difficult cases, especially cases involving corporate "insider crimes" like cybercrimes, theft of company money and properties, sabotage and corruption..

     Supt (Ret.) Koa is a qualified Primary Instructor and the former Assistant Director at the American Institute of Polygraph Technology and Forensic Psychophysiology, Michigan, USA. He has trained a few hundred government polygraph examiners, including those from Singapore, China, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. He is the former Vice President (Private) of the Singapore Association of Polygraphers and a member of the British & European Polygraph Association (BEPA).

    For his outstanding service to the Singapore government, Supt (Ret.) Koa has won many national awards, including the Public Administration Medal (Bronze), Minister of Home Affairs Commendation Certificate for work excellence, Good Service Medal, and Commissioner of Police Commendation and High Commendation Certificates.

    For his service to the government after his retirement, he was awarded the Minister of Home Affairs Commendation Certificate in 2003 for work related to counter-terrorism. (Please see photo gallery below.)

     Supt (Ret.) Koa comes from Electronics Engineering background. Although he belongs to the Pioneer Generation of Police Officers, he makes it a point to update his professional skills and knowledge by attending seminars and courses. He has a passion for computer programming and Internet Technology, which comes in handy when conducting in-depth questioning of IT professionals in cybercrime cases. In anticipation of even greater increase in cybercrimes driven by AI, in Oct 2023, he successfully completed a course conducted by Nanyang Technology University (NTU) on Developing Applications in Artificial Intelligence. The programme codes for this responsive design website is written by him in 2001. Fast forward to 2023, he has acquired advanced programming skills to develop production standard e-commerce platform based on the latest high performance Adobe Magento 2.4 architecture. Sample website developed by Supt (Ret.) Koa is at Qoosales.com.



Ret. Supt Koa Conducted Polygraph Course for Thai Police Forensic Department in Bangkok in Dec 2017


Fann Wong

Ret. Supt Koa provides expertise for film production with renown Actress Fann Wong in Mar 2018


Our Polygraph Examiners

    Our team of local and foreign Polygraph Examiners are highly experienced and qualified. They have extensive experience in law enforcement and corporate cases. Our team includes professional examiners from Singapore, USA and India. We are able to conduct more than 90 lie detector tests per week. We have the expertise to conduct in-depth investigative interviews and polygraph examinations on Cybercrimes.

polygraph trainging

Supt (Ret) Koa Conducting Test on 5 April 2017

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Advanced Training at CID

polygraph trainging

Supt (Ret) Koa Training Govt Examiners in China 2009