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    Polygraph Investigative Services provides highly reliable, independent and strictly confidential polygraph testing aka lie detector testing services to Commercial, Private and Government clients all over Asia Pacific and Western countries. We conduct these lie detector tests in our office in Singapore or in countries where our clients are based, including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Korea, Brunei, India, Middle East - United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Australia, New Zealand, etc. We also received clients from Switzerland, Canada, USA, Finland etc. We conduct tests in English, Mandarin and Malay. Other languages are done through interpreters.

    With more than 45 years of polygraph testing and investigative experience in government law enforcement and corporate cases, Chief Examiner Koa Fung Chew and his team of experts are able to deal with any difficult, complex or sophisticated cases, for example cybercrimes involving theft of sensitive data from servers and networks. Our accuracy is greater than 98%. Our expertise are trusted by government and government-linked companies, large and small businesses, the legal fraternity representing the prosecution or defence, and private individuals. Our interviewing and lie detection expertise have helped clients solve many cases, especially "insider crimes" where the authorities have failed to solve. Our contract services with governments have also helped solve transnational crimes and terrorism-related cases.

Prevent, Detect and Deter Cybercrimes

    Cybersecurity is now the biggest challenge that many businesses face. Cybercrime and money laundering is on the rise and businesses are increasingly becoming targets. Trusting your senior administrators and outside consultants is a key part of the security process. But can you rely on trust that your employee would not sell access to the client database? Data exfiltration facilitated by an “insider” can lead to reputational damage and lost business, through to ransom payments, class action lawsuits and regulatory penalties. According to the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, the growth of the ransomware ecosystem has also seen the growth of “initial access brokers”, i.e., individuals that sell privy network information, such as vulnerabilities or login credentials, to other threat actors. To minimise such risks, contact us today to get a quote on our specialised cybersecurity employee screening services.

Our Polygraph aka Lie Detector Test Services

  • Polygraph-assisted Investigations
  • We assist businesses and employers through the use of sophisticated psychological interviewing and polygraph testing, to screen and assess the truthfulness of their employees in cases of alleged / suspected / confirmed fraud, corruption, theft, insider collusion with syndicates, insider sabotage, leakage of business secrets, workplace sexual harassment, misconduct etc. The process helps exonerate the innocent in as much it identifies the guilty. This type of cases usually require more than one person to be tested. Ask for bulk discounts. Typical case scenarios include:

    Have your organisation been hit by a large scale "insider" theft, cyber crime, data breaches, sabotage, leakage of business secrets or other employee crimes and are unable to find the culprit or culprits because there are just too many suspects and no leads? Have you reported to the police and the case is not solved? Are you looking for a quick and cost -effective way to find the culprit or culprits? If the answer is 'yes', you have come to the right place. We have the capabilty to pick out the guilty one from a pool of suspects. We routinely work with auditors to identify fraud cases

  • Relationship And Fidelity Issues
  • This specific or periodic lie detector test is used to determine whether one partner had lied to or cheated on the other pertaining to fidelity issues. We also conduct such tests referred to us by family counsellors and psychologists in connection with treatment / counselling programmes.

  • Pre-employment Background Screening
  • We assist businesses and employers to hire the right person for the right job through psychological interviewing and polygraph testing. This type of background screening is openly carried out with the consent of the subject. It is widely used by well known organisations like FBI, CIA, US Secret Service and Singapore government agencies for personnel screening. Private organisations and businesses use this method to screen their employees for positions of trust. Private individuals screen their body guards before hiring them. This type of screening test is customised to meet the needs and requirements of individual clients. Such tests routinely uncover cases of falsification of qualifications or resumes, criminal record, undetected crimes, ill-gotten wealth, and other unsuitable behaviour or attributes. The process is quick and cost-effective. Knowlegeable clients know the cost of hiring the wrong person - it can cause great financial loss, brankruptcy and damaged reputation.

  • Periodic Polygraph Staff Screening
  • Stay one step ahead of crooks and terrorists. In the face of increasing sophistication of criminals, especially in cybercrimes and money laundering, this is a preventive and deterrent measure to assist businesses and employers to assess the honesty and integrity of their employees periodically to eliminate or reduce potential financial or other types of losses or damage. It is used by well known organisations like FBI, CIA, US Secret Service and Singapore government agencies. In the private sector, we have many clients from Government-linked companies and multi-national companies using this type of lie detector tests to find out whether their staff are involved in corruption, collusion with criminal syndicates to steal expensive company products and materials, providing sensitive IT information to cyber criminals to hack into computer networks etc. Types of employees include CEOs, CFOs, Managers, Security Guards and IT personnel. Over time, our clients have realised that this type of polygraph testing have reduced or eliminated huge losses due to staff dishonesty. We have the capability to screen over 90 staff per week. Certain clients use such tests to assess their employees' suitability for promotion or posting to positions of trust.

  • Polygraph Support for Defence Lawyers
  • We assist defence lawyers to assess their clients’ cases through a confidential and independent polygraph test. Polygraph testing is very widely used in Singapore and many suspects or accused persons under investigations by the Singapore Police Force or several other agencies are invited to take polygraph tests. Before such tests, many defence lawyers from highly reputable law firms have found it useful to refer their clients to us for testing to plan their defence strategies with the possibility of making representations to the authorities. Such private polygraph tests are most often used for allegations of sexual offences like molest, rape and maid abuse where false accusation and exaggeration by complainants are not uncommon. Sometimes, we have clients who found it useful to take a test conducted by a private examiner before submitting to government tests. All tests are strictly confidential.

  • Bunker Disputes and Bunker Corruptions
  • This specific or periodic lie detector test is used to determine whether vessel crew members, bunker surveyors or bunker crew members are involved in corruption or theft of marine fuel during bunkering operations.

  • Polygraph Consultancy Services
  • We provide expert consultancy services to local and foreign governmentlaw enforcement agencies in the following areas: Lie Detection Services, Training, and Quality Control of polygraph examinations.

  • Other Specific Issues
  • Victims of false / exaggerated allegations and other private issues who want to prove their innocence or truth telling. Issues include family disputes and disputes over wills etc...

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Fidelity Issues Fidelity Issues

Fidelity Issues